1. How to play songs or albums in random mode
  2. Selecting repeat mode options
  3. Sorting Albums
  4. Activating the shuffle mode
  5. Setting preference of consume mode
  6. Deleting songs and saved playlists from the Queue
  7. Adding songs to the Queue
  8. Play now function
  9. Random play function
  10. Replacing the Queue
  11. Adding a song to the Queue to be played next
  12. Adding a song to the end of the Queue
  13. Clearing the Queue
  14. Editing the Queue
  15. Creating and Saving a playlist from the Queue
  16. How to set song ratings
  17. Using the rating filter
  18. Setting up a streaming service
  19. Connecting an Aurender to Aurender Content Server (ACS)
  20. Disconnecting an Aurender from Aurender Content Server (ACS)