STEP 1: Connect to Power

Using the included power cable, connect your Aurender to 110V/120V or 220V (depending on your region) electrical outlet or a power conditioner/surge protector.

STEP 2: Connect to Local Area Network (LAN)

Your Aurender server must be connected to your router via a hard-wired Ethernet connection. Aurender servers do NOT have any WiFi connectivity (this is by design as most WiFi networks are unreliable and subject to drop-outs and limited bandwidth).

In cases where your listening room location makes it physically impossible to run an Ethernet connection back to the router, you might consider using a WiFi extender or ethernet-over-powerline adapter to establish connectivity. Please contact Aurender Support for assistance.

Below is a diagram of a common connection schematic. Your network configuration may vary.

Note: Your Aurender is supplied with a generic IEC power cable. However, many Aurender users choose to use an upgraded power cable for enhanced performance. Please consult your dealer for cable recommendations.

STEP 3: Connection to Main Amplifier or Preamplifier